Way past bedtime

It's after 4am as I begin to write this, but I would like to get something going with this thing, and the only way to do that is to actually sit down and write something. So, with nothing better to talk about, I'll run down my day. It was actually one of those few days where I did something other than laze around and watch movies or the like.

After I got up and ate, I watched last night's Battlestar Galactica. I was highly disappointed at how the second season ended, moreso after watching it again on DVD, but I'm starting to like the New Caprica thread that was introduced (now that it's getting fleshed out a little bit). I'm on the edge of my seat to see what happens next, although there's a good chance I can guess what's going to happen (at least in part), if for no other reason than there are only so many ways this plot line can play out.

After that, I grabbed the iPod and the MacBook Pro (after spending 3-4 hours reinstalling Windows XP, updates, Office, etc. last night) and trundled off to Dave's place. I didn't want to bring the laptop, but I was meeting Paul there and we had sort of talked about maybe playing some Rise of Legends over there. I guess Dave recently got a new video card (GeForce 6600), which was a good thing as his machine ran RoL like crap the last time I was over there with Paul and our respective MacBooks. Alas, although I didn't see RoL in action, Dave said the new video card wasn't much better than what he had before (whatever that was... I don't remember what the old card was, and I didn't ask). As it turned out, I should have listened to myself and left the MacBook at home as we never did get around to playing any RoL. We did, however, play craps for a while. Rob H. was also there, and with Dave playing croupier the three of us proceeded to battle it out for play dough at Dave's craps table. Initially all of us had a good early run, myself more than doubling the initial stake (which is something that rarely happens for me... I tend to play conservatively and never fare overly well), Paul making a bit, and Rob cleaning up on Paul's 6 successive 7's coming out, laying big money on Big Red and getting paid big time. Starting with a $100 (play money) stake apiece, Rob quickly ran his stack up to over $2500 before giving most of that back on some unfortunate rolls (made by all of us). By the time we stopped playing, I had broken even, Paul was up about $500, and Rob was up a little over $700. I took over the dealer role for a bit so Dave could play, but he blew his wad in a short amount of time, making him the loser overall I guess.

So, after that, we settled in to some GameCube action. Since buying a 360 half a year ago, I've barely touched my Cube, so it was nice to revisit some games. We started with Super Smash Bros. Melee, a game I never really cared for, but after some embarassing deaths I eventually won a few matches in a row to salvage something out of the experience. The biggest thing to know about that is to not play Dr. Mario, as he royally sucks. So, after the Melee action, a few matches of Mario Power Tennis came about, with Paul and I versus Dave and Rob. Save a few games, Paul and I cleaned up, ultimately not losing a single set. After that, Rob left for a date, and Paul and his girlfriend Soonil (who came by later) headed out, so Dave and I broke out the Donkey Konga and bongoed it up for a good couple of hours. Thanks to me, he's now finished off the gold status for Duet Chimp mode. We tried to make some similar headway for Gorilla, but failed miserably. I don't think we got a single Gorilla song done on gold. Oh well. It'd been a while since I'd played the game, and I still have my touch.

After all that, I headed home (catching some good luck with timing and buses), grabbed some supper, and settled in to some more TV. I had a back episode of the Professional Poker Tour to watch, so I watched it; as well, Warren (a friend from way back when) and his buddy released their latest Doctor Who podcast, a commentary for the series 2 finale, so I gave that a listen (mainly as an excuse to rewatch the episode). I still don't overly care for the episode, but their commentary was enjoyable. I wound up going on a bit of a tirade on Warren's blog about some things they brought up, but it was all meant well.

So, after that, and after finishing off some downloads (the latest week of Corrie, yay!), I've arrived here, and now that that's happened, it's time to crash.

hasta la vista

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