So Sharon has a new callsign on Battlestar Galactica, and the Cylons are in a pickle.

I've just watched the latest episode and wow was it fantastic. The highlight of the season was still two weeks ago, but this week's episode runs a very close second. I really liked some of the after effects of the occupation, namely the split between those who were on New Caprica and those who weren't. It seemed like a very natural progression and circumstance; one would expect that sort of polarity to surface considering both sides had their own struggles and they feel trivialized by the other side who cannot understand their perspective. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Tigh and his statement to Adama after their confrontation.

The whole Baltar/Cylon storyline is also playing out strangely... most of it is to be expected (such as Baltar's drive for self-preservation and doing/saying whatever he needs to in order to survive, such as glossing over the discovery of the 13th Colony's device on the dead Basestar), but a couple things made me stop and think (or cringe). Firstly, the hybrid Cylon... wtf?! She completely reminded me of the controller chick from "Bad Wolf" (Doctor Who; season 27, episode 12). Secondly, the dismissal of the other 5 Cylon models smacked of laziness when it was first mentioned. Laziness on the part of the writers to come up with something better (read: good), that is. I have no doubt in my mind that some or all of the last 5 will get at least explored, if not shown, this season (even if only as a cliffhanger leading us to season 4), but it makes me wonder just how it will be accomplished.

I've purposefully not gone into great details about the episode since I'm too lazy to bother with containing spoilers as I did with my last comments about BSG... so, this is what you get.

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