Oh yeah...

...I had a birthday this week. Sigh. I'm like... less young or something.

Also, my cousin Amy is back from her 5 month jaunt in England, so it'll be nice to see her after a long while... once she's had time to hibernate and recover from jet lag, anyway.

As well, I've been having fun trying to teach my friend Rob's 6 week old son bad habits over the past week. It's fun to warp minds, but so hard to do when the little ankle biters can't understand you. Maybe if I speak louder...

And I think this whole road to not smoking thing might actually be feasible as I'm down to one cigarette every day or two. Except yesterday. I had two cigarettes. My bad. I bought my (hopefully) last carton October 31, 2006... and I have about half a pack left from that. My intention is to be done with the habit when that last pack is finished. I even ordered some aid guide from the government but it was completely useless... nothing but common sense, really.

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