On the road again

Monday saw my return to the left side of the Atlantic. I'm incredibly tempted to use the terms wrong and right rather than left and right for many reasons, but I won't actually go that far. This was something that went unannounced except to a very small number of people, also for many reasons. The bottom line is I'm back in Edmonton and while I plan to make it something temporary, it may well wind up being a protracted sort of temporary.

I'd of course eliminated my landline prior to heading to the UK but thanks to the wonders of quad-band GSM mobile phones I've sorted something out with the mobile phone I bought in the UK so I have at least one method of direct communication available. Those who are interested are more than welcome to reach me via email/facebook/etc. for my new phone number if I've not already given it to you. As cell phone plans are utterly stupid in Canada (I was soooooooooo glad to turf my cell phone in early 2007) I'm just doing a pay as you go thingie for now and thanks to the stupid costs involved with even that (and no free incoming calls, which one gets quite used to thank you very much) I hope nobody takes offense if I choose to not answer calls outside of the cheap times.

So far all I've done since getting back, aside from trying like hell to readjust to this time zone and climate, is change my money at the bank, sort out the phone and have a great visit with someone who I'd not seen in far too long (which really made my day, I must say). So far my equilibrium is quite off, resulting in far-too-often bouts of clumsiness, and I can't eat (anything) without getting an upset stomach and I'm looking forward to when all that - and the cold I seem to have picked up - is over and done with. Another few days should be enough I'm hoping.

At any rate, some people who might read this already knew of my return prior to it happening, some have been informed since my return and others yet may not know anything unless they read these words.

So... that's where things are for now. I've got no plans sorted at the moment and likely won't until I feel at least slightly human again.



Blogger Guinevere said...

Congrats on your journey! I was following each post on your blog. I can't wait to see where you go next, or if you decide to stay in Edmonton :)

I hope it was an amazing experience.

1:33 AM, April 21, 2008  

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