RIP Habeus Corpus

As a followup to my earlier post about the Military Commissions Act recently passed in the US, interested parties might want to check out this very well-written rebuttal to the legislation from Keith Olbermann of MSNBC if you haven't already done so. [Quicktime Format]

Now, I'm willing to and freely do admit I'm a right wing voter. Were I an American citizen/resident, I could never see myself among the members of the ACLU. However, this still freaks me out to no end. I've said to various people on various occasions in the past how I am so very glad to not be an American (citizen, resident, sympathizer). Outlandish acts like this reinforce that feeling to an extreme degree.

I particularly like Olbermann's closing, where he pontificates about this legislation being used against Bush in the future. Poetic justice would never be so well-defined as it would be should that happen.



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