No Poker

It seems that due to unforeseen circumstances, I'll not be going to the poker game tonight. That sucks as I was sort of looking forward to it, but on the other hand it means my buy-in is safe for now.

Yesterday I popped over to Dave's for a while to play some craps. For the first time, those of us there decided to put a few bucks on the game. We didn't have a lot of people playing (4 the first round, 3 the second), but nonetheless I succeeded in losing my money. I only *just* missed out on getting paid the first time around (I lost by a buck), and the second time around I had a good chance to cash if Paul had rolled the point.

Dough aside, it was still fun. However, the huge-ass cigar I had yesterday when we were on break is still bothering me today... and I didn't even finish the darn thing. Nothing some ibuprofen and vigorous tooth-brushing can't fix.

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