Last night I got a message from my fried Shaun who decided he wanted to go hit the casino to play some poker. So, I'm like, okay, let's go.

We wound up going to River Cree, and it was my third visit there. The third time seemed to be the charm as I had a mostly enjoyable experience there (my first one). The kinks were mostly worked out as far as the house rules and adherence to the same are concerned. The only issue I had was one dealer inconsistently dealt to seats with absent players. Sometimes he'd deal them in, sometimes not. Other than that, all was well. I even found the coffee/pop station where us night owls could get free beverages. I'm so glad that's been implemented since opening day when I first went and pop was like 2 bucks or something stupid.

Also, for the first time there, I finished the night up money. I won a grand total of $9, which I proceeded to spend (and then some) at breakfast on the way home.

It was a long night. We got to the casino a little after 1 in the morning and left at (according to the watch of the lady working the cashier cage) 7:57. So, about 7 hours. I crashed a little before 9 and got up about 5pm.

I was quite craving a cigarette, too. I found it tough to be there that long playing poker and not smoke. I behaved myself at least, although there was this one point at about 6:30 where the table shut down for a 5 minute break (the cleaning staff had to vacuum and such) and I went to the smoking room to enjoy the second-hand smoke.

And just now I got an IM from Shaun saying he wants to go back. Perhaps another long night is in store.

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