Battle-frackin'-star Galactica

I just finished watching the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica (season 3, episode 4). The short version of my response to it is WOW. What an episode. The thing had everything: It was an emotional rollercoaster, there were some winks to the past, and we got some serious plot progression out of the way (with some interesting new plot points begun).

In the interest of mitigating damage, I'll be hiding the spoiler-ridden remarks below. Highlight the space to see the words.


This episode almost brought tears to my eyes with some of what went on. The homage to Living Legend (Part 2) from the original series was fantastic and slightly unexpected. I expected the Pegasus to jump in to aid Galactica against the Cylon Base Ships, but Apollo's remark of going between the Base Ships choked me up when it made me flash back to Lloyd Bridges doing the same thing 28 years ago. I was very, very sad to see the Pegasus get destroyed, especially since I thought the events at the end of Living Legend were so poignant, and this episode strayed from that resolution. In Living Legend, the fate of the Pegasus is unknown at the end... and while I always thought (back in the day) it might show up again, Battlestar Galactica was cancelled (for all intents and purposes) and we never knew what happened to Cain and his ship. All that being said, perhaps it's not such a terrible trade-off to have the Pegasus get destroyed since it meant the demise of two Base Ships. Plus, the name of the series does contain the word "Galactica," not the word "Pegasus" after all.

The effects shots of the Galactica jumping intra-atmosphere and launching the Vipers, then jumping away, were phenomenal. It looked so damn cool I watched that 45-second sequence about 6 times before moving past that point in the episode. From a dramatic perspective, it was wonderful to see that sequence. It was also a really cool action sequence with Galactica fighting time and gravity to pull off the risky gambit.

As for the rest of the story, it wasn't much of a leap to learn that Starbuck's child wasn't hers after all. Given the timeline of the series there simply isn't enough time to have a child of that age come from any genetic material that may have been taken from her at the farm we saw in early season 2. One could put forth the argument that perhaps genetic engineering was in play by accelerating the gestation or something similar, but it seems unlikely such technology would be in the hands of the Cylons. Even if it were, and they were constructing a hybrid child, I would think they'd let "nature" take its course and have it develop properly and in its own time given they would both have no idea how to engineer such a creation, as well as it would be blasphemous under their religion to play God.

It was also initially unclear (at least to me, and probably deliberately unclear in general) as to whether or not Tigh killed Ellen. One gets the impression he did considering what was said to him by Anders, but ultimately the point is moot as to whether he killed her or simply drugged her as she was left to die on New Caprica if she was indeed simply drugged. I'm not sad to see the character go as I always found her more annoying than anything (especially in episodes such as "Sacrifice").

It will be interesting to see what happens with Baltar... presumably he and Caprica are staying on New Caprica with whatever Cylon force remains behind with Hera. Or, if the Cylons are going to be leaving (which ultimately seems more likely, if for no other reason than to continue chasing Galactica), presumably he'll go with them just as the Colicos version of the character did in the original series.

PROGNOSTICATION: I predict a Hera storyline will form the basis of either the season 3 mid-season cliffhanger, or the overall season 3 cliffhanger.

Lastly, while I'm sure it will happen sooner than later (either in the opening credits, on the whiteboard as before, or being overtly stated), I thought it would have been nice to see or have announced a population count at the end of the episode. That would have shown just how bad an idea Baltar had by mandating migration from the ships to the planet at the end of series 2, and been the basis of Laura's actions in her next term of office. Nonetheless, that information will be known soon enough. It would have just fit nicely and "felt right" being stated at the end of this episode.

It's just nice to be done with the New Caprica storyline. I wasn't a fan of it before, and the 6 episodes we had of it were more than enough in my books. Still, this was easily the best epsiode of this young season. I can hardly wait for the next 6 episodes before the show goes on hiatus.


So, for those reading the spoiler segment, there you go. There are my thoughts. For those skipping over the spoiler segment because you haven't seen the episode (or don't care for the series), well, here we are.

A job well done Ron Moore & co. Keep it up.



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