So I sucked at crib today. On three separate occasions my partner got a 20 hand, but overall we only finished 4 & 4. Two of those losses were skunks. I couldn't remember the last time I was skunked before today, and it happened twice. Feh.

On a happier note, my copy of Lego Star Wars II came today. When I first saw the game I wondered wtf it was about and how it could possibly be fun... but after playing the demo, I couldn't get enough of it (so I had to buy the full version!). I shall report on it later.

Lastly, I got my second-generation iPod Shuffle on Friday last week and I've been taking it for a spin. Expect something more for a review in time, but for now all I can say is wow the thing is tiny. Freakishly so, even.

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