Gambling Redux

I've just gotten home from another session at the casino, a shorter jaunt than last night as we left later and people stopped playing earlier (when we left at 8am yesterday the action was still going; tonight our leaving broke the sole 3/6 table). All tolled, it was about 5 1/2 hours of play, from about 2 to 7:30.

Lady luck was definitely not on my side for this outing, as I blew through half my first rack in under a half hour. It wasn't long before that was gone when I had 6-9 offsuit in the big blind and flopped the nuts only to have someone with pocket 5s turn quads. The second rack lasted longer, but not much.

I've never been patient enough to go deeper than two racks, but I did it tonight. I bought the third rack and after a little while it was about half gone before I started to tread water. Eventually I began to swim, to continue the metaphor, peaking around 7am at $285, down only $15 after all the turmoil from the evening. I considered stopping and cutting my losses there but didn't actually do so. When all was said and done, I finished at $227, down $73 for the night. Not my worst effort, but certainly not my best. I succeeded in taking the kill a few times at least, which is always a good sign.

Shaun, on the other hand, had a few good rushes here and there and was up around $350 late in the game before giving some of it back and cashing out up $300 exactly.

Still, despite the loss of money, I think this was perhaps the most fun I've had in a poker room. As the night wore on, things got lighter and more jovial until it got downright silly. Fun was had by all.

And now to sleep so I can get up at a far from respectable hour and go catch a movie with Fleming.

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