Okay wrong greeting but still...

So I got into Heathrow about 11:45 Friday morning. Short trip to immigration. It took about 5 minutes in line and about a minute at the counter to get my passport stamped and to move along. My baggage was waiting for me when I got to the baggage claim. I hopped a cab to the hostel because it was WAY too awkward to deal with what I had on me to take the tube. I was at the hostel by 12:45 or so after a £41.60 (!!!!) fare. Thank goodness you're not expected to tip!

I had to wait until 2pm to check in but I stored my luggage and went for a walk to see what was about. I found an M&S Simply Meals, Sainsbury's (both Local and full-blown) and a Tesco within walking distance, not to mention Boots, Carphone Warehouse, etc etc. I've not left the hostel too much otherwise since I fear for my stuff (and since it's now all I own in the world, I feel that's justified!) as well as being a bit scattered with the time difference. I'm paying £3/hr to get on the wifi (with which I get a killer connection to the router but not no great to the outside world, but it's usable).

I went and picked up an Oyster card today while the queue at Earl's Court station was small. Last night I went walking for a bit and got a smidge lost, getting as far away as 3 tube stops, which was about a half-hour walk away not counting meandering to and fro. Nevertheless I found my way back before too long thanks to maps on bus shelters and today I've done the least so far because my feet are killing me after the nearly 3-hour walk last night.

All in all it was a safe trip and aside from the snoring of the roommates at the hostel (and the cramped bed) the place is safe and clean and it's all good.

Tomorrow I meet my landlord to get the keys to my proper place and I can get settled.

(Originally written Sunday night, posted Monday morning due to technical issues.)



Anonymous JP said...

I congratulate you on managing to pick a more expensive mode of transport from Heathrow to London than I ever have. My best has been the Heathrow Express train (which cost about $40 at the time), chosen because it was fast and comfortable. You handily win with an $85 cab ride!

Cheapest I've done is the Tube. I was carrying a backpack and dragging a big suitcase with me as I was moving to Austria for the summer. Not recommended. So you see, I do know how you feel!

10:14 AM, October 15, 2007  

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