...and about time, too.

I opened my bank account over here in early November and since then I've been waiting for the darned bank card to show up so I can get some other stuff in motion. I was told to expect the card within 2 weeks of opening the account, and while I got 5 or 6 pieces of mail from the bank in that time, none of them was the bank card. I hesitated in contacting the bank for fear that I'd get the card in the mail the day after I called for a replacement, knowing the one to show up would be canceled as a result, and I'd have to wait another couple weeks for the valid card.

Nevertheless, after nearly 3 weeks past the expected date of receiving the card, I rang the bank this past Monday and explained the situation. They didn't offer any explanation as to why the card didn't come in the first place, nor did I ask about it (since any number of things beyond their control could have happened), but the bloke on the other end said he'd order a replacement card and I should get it in 3-5 working days.

Today being the third day, the card actually came, and it was nice to see the low end of the estimate come to pass. I was quite content to see the letter in the post and I practically tore the envelope open when I felt the hard plastic inside. I promptly got online and spent a little bit of money on things like adding some credit to my transit card (for which I get 5 free tracks at iTunes, oddly enough... not that I have any idea which 5 songs I'd want to order).

The other week I sat down and did up a spreadsheet outlining costs, details and benefits of various mobile phone plans for varying carriers here, all in anticipation of getting the darned bank card and getting the next phase, acquiring a mobile phone, in gear. Today I will be verifying all my research is still valid as well as expanding it a bit before making a decision tonight and going to pick up a phone tomorrow. We'll see what conclusion is reached soon, I suppose. I shall post here when all is sorted.



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