Overly complicated

I've got a better head for numbers and figures than most people I know, but not even the most number-centric person out there would have any hope of memorizing the fee chart for British Telecom pay phones. This thing is insane! I don't doubt that's due to more and more toll numbers coming into use over here but wow... it's just outright insane!

For those interested in topics such as this, perhaps also take a peek at the Wikipedia article on the UK Telephone Numbering Plan. It's a little bit of work to wrap your head around it but overall it's pretty ingenious when you look at it overall. My personal favourite bit is the mnemonics embedded in some of the geographical exchanges (see section 2.2 of the article for that bit). When I first looked at that page months and months ago I sat there scratching my head for ages before it all finally started to click. Never let it be said the Brits aren't creative.



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