Apple Day

Today was Apple day of sorts.

I started the day off by taking the tube WAY west to the Olympia National Hall for the Mac Live Expo event. The place was bustling, but there was really very little to see. I didn't even bother with pictures it was just that dull. Nevertheless I hung around for a couple hours, checking out the booths, demos and exhibits and then decided it was time to leave.

From there, I got back on the tube and took my first journey crossing three lines (the District line from Kensington Olympia one stop to Earl's Court, the Piccadilly line to Green Park, then the Victoria line to Oxford Circus) to go check the action at the Apple Store. Today is the release date for the new version of Mac OS X, v10.5, aka Leopard, and I figured there'd be a good queue by the time I got there. It was around 5:10 or so when I arrived and wow was there ever a queue. There were easily a thousand people, going down the street around one corner... and down that street around the next corner, and then halfway down the street again. The Apple Store is roughly in the middle of the block, meaning the line was literally halfway around the block (and it's not a tiny block). Earlier today I had considered getting in line when I got there, to try to get a Leopard t-shirt (there are supposed to be 500 or so on hand) but when I actually got there I knew there was no way that would happen.

The Leopard release doesn't really turn my crank, at least not enough to drop £85 on it, so I snapped a few pictures of part of the line, walked down the line from the start to the end to see if I might catch any celebrities or well-known folks in line (no, there were none I noticed), then walked back up to Oxford street and did some wandering before grabbing the tube at Bond Street station and coming back to the flat.

Pictures are up, as unexciting as they may be, and now it's time to think about dinner since it's past 6:30. Tomorrow is still up in the air for activities...

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