Museums. Museii. Whatever.

Tuesday was museum day. I wasn't sure what to do, so after getting suggestions from a friend, his idea of going to the science museum was what I'd decided to act upon. After looking at my guide book I found that right by the science museum is the natural history museum... as well as the Victoria & Albert museum. All in one nice cluster around South Kensington tube station. Heck, the announcement played on the tube when you approach the station even says the museums are there.

I started out at the natural history museum. There were some fun things and all that, but the place was PACKED. The queue to get in must have been 200 people. Moving around was a pain in the butt at the best of times. I nevertheless tried to see as much of it as I could, even though a lot of displays were the same as you'd see at any other similar museum. Nothing really excited me about the place (other than a couple cute women I saw there, but that's a story for another time).

I moved on to the science museum and definitely had more fun there since I've always had a preference for science & technology over earth sciences or anthropology or whatever. Both places are huge, but the science museum definitely had more stairs...

I've posted some uncommented photos from both, along with my third stop on the trip, the Victoria & Albert museum. I went into the V&A and really couldn't get into anything. I was pretty sick of museums by that point I must admit... going through three in a day is a little much, especially when I spent over 3 hours combined at the previous two. After maybe 10-15 minutes of wandering aimlessly I left the V&A, snapped a couple pictures of the front, and made my way away.

I noticed on the map in the guide book that Harrod's was just down the street from the museum block, so I figured I'd take a spin around there. The place is very, very large... and any stories you might have heard about how expensive it is are probably understated (if only because it's nigh impossible to overstate!). I walked around the food section mostly, just to see the offerings. There were 6 or 7 restaurant type stalls with bar-style seating featuring things like "make your own sandwich, only £14.50", sushi, etc. There was a meat counter. A fish counter. A cheese counter. A deli counter. It was just like any supermarket really. Only prohibitively expensive for all but a select few. I took a trip up the escalator to the top floor, then back down. It's a neat place to visit, but between the prices and the fact it's just a store in the end, it's not THAT neat. The building, however, was very impressive. I enjoyed looking at that more than any other aspect about the place.

I went back to the flat after that, chilled for a couple hours, then made my way to the nearby chinese food buffet place and gorged myself. That was about it for the day.

Today I'm where I was yesterday in that I'm not sure what I want to do. I'm tempted to just take it easy and maybe do laundry or something since I'm not in a museum mood to be sure. There's some "Mac Live Expo" event in town at the Olympia National Hall running from Thursday through Saturday and I've got a (free) pass for that, so I think that'll be on my agenda for tomorrow (as soon as I find where the hall is anyway). Today... who knows.



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