Moving in...

I've arrived at my flatshare, which is a smaller bedroom (as is the norm for what I sought, so I'm not surprised there) which isn't exactly clean. The place needs a good hoovering at the very least, but the walls are clean and there's only a bit of dust otherwise. I've signed the lease agreement but so far have not returned it to the landlord as I require a copy of it for myself, so I'll either get a copy from the landlord or go make a copy myself when I go for a jaunt later to see what's around the area.

I've taken pictures of most of the space, especially of places that could be questionable later on (a couple stains on the floor, a split seam in the wallpaper, etc.) and will soon email the landlord that I have done so and will ask what method is best to supply them with copies of all the photos so they know what I show at the end of the term is what they've had all along -- no room for funny business from either side of the equation.

The area is very ethnic. I'd read something the other day about the population being something like 40% Bangladeshi, and I can certainly attest to the non-white population comprising the nearby area. As long as I can easily find stuff I'm used to (crappy white food) it's all good.

The ad to which I responded promised certain amenities for the room which are as of yet not in place. I've been informed the people with whom I'm residing have only just moved in themselves and as such not all the furniture is in place, nor is the internet connection up and running. A neighbour (it seems) has an open wireless access point so I'm currently connected to that with a good degree of reliability. It's not the speediest of connections but for now beggars can't be choosers.

Once I get a copy of the lease agreement the next step is to get to a nearby bank and open an account. After that it's sorting out a mobile phone. I know what I'm going to get and from which carrier and at what tariff, it's just a matter of satisfying the requirements to obtain a monthly plan (versus pay as you go), among which is a bank account (last I saw anyway). Then it's some sightseeing and the Underworld concert on Friday. Somewhere in between will begin the job hunt so that I can sustain my cash flow.

I've had a really up and down weekend personally, between the excitement of being in a new place and the doldrums of missing people back in Canada already. I'm frankly not an emotional person but I've been on more of an emotional rollercoaster than I can remember for the longest time. I'll soon level out a bit and that'll make things easier, but for now it's really much tougher than I first anticipated.

If nothing else I do look forward to a bit of privacy and quiet relative to the hostel where I really got very little sleep during the night (having to take daytime naps to sustain myself, and also because of the time zone adjustment). As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure after I grab a glass or six of water I'll be taking a nap.

More to come later.

Oh, and speaking of the emotional rollercoaster, man was it cool to drive by Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and other well-known attractions on the way from the hostel to the flatshare. I think I'm going to like this place.



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