Don't bank on it...

Monday I'd intended to go to The Who Shop and Tenth Planet, Doctor Who-related stores, but only got half of that accomplished as things turned out. I started the day by going to the nearest Barclay's branch to inquire about setting up a bank account. I knew that I needed a bank account if I wanted to get a (non-pay as you go) mobile phone, but apparently I can't get a viable bank account until I get a job. So I need a mobile phone to get a job, a job to get a bank account, and a bank account to get a phone. All I could think of was "there's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza" for stupid recursive stuff. So it looks like pay as you go is what I have to do for the phone to kickstart everything else. At least I can keep my number when I move from that to a proper monthly plan, but I view pay as you go a waste of money since I'll have to shell out as much as a couple months would cost me under a contract to get me up and running.

It took me over an hour at Barclay's with the queue to see the guy I had to speak to... and when I got near Barking tube station to go to Tenth Planet, I also stopped at Lloyd's TSB to see what they had to say. It was busier yet there, and I spent about an hour and a half waiting and talking when there to find out the same thing from them. So, it looks like I get a job before I get a bank account.

Anyway, I wound up getting to Tenth Planet on Monday and took a browse inside. It's a small shop but it had lots of fun stuff I could have spent a lot of money on (but didn't). I didn't spend much time there overall, since there's only so much to look at.

There was a 99p Store nearby as well (akin to our Dollar Stores) and I loaded up on a few things I didn't have but needed, all for a nice cheap total versus other places I'd looked. Those places rock... except I didn't buy enough clothes hangers. They had 14-packs for 99p and I bought two. I need about 30-32 hangers. Oh well, I'll go buy more one day.

I was knackered after all that and just called it a day for gallivanting.



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