British Museum

Travel by tube on weekends SUCKS! Well, at least it CAN suck.

I was heading out this morning to the west end again and when I got to the tube station -- which conveniently operates on 3 of the tube lines -- had service only on one line today! The District line was operational as usual, but Central (what I would have normally taken) was closed between Liverpool Street and Leytonstone (Mile End is about in the middle of that stretch) and the Hammersmith & City line was also closed. One good thing about the tube, at least around zone 1, is it's not hard to come up with an alternate travel route. So, a spin on the District line west to Embankment and a quick changeover to the Northern Line got me to Leicester Square (where I didn't mean to get off, I meant to get off one stop further at Tottenham Court Road) just fine. I began my day from there.

Anyway, today I went to the British Museum to have a look around. I didn't go to any of the paid exhibits (such as the one on the Terra Cotta Army) but I spent a good couple hours walking around. There's a tonne of stuff to look at, covering the entire planet (save Antarctica, anyway) but I spent most of my time on the Egypt and Ancient Greece sections, two areas where I have a soft spot. The place is immense and if I wanted to give it a proper look around I'm sure I'd have to take 4 or 5 hours at least, if not split it across a couple days. The highlight of the displays for me was the Rosetta Stone, without which modern understanding of the ancient world wouldn't be anywhere near as developed as it is. It was constantly crowded around there, for good reason, and it took a little while to get close enough to snap any pictures.

Pictures, of course, can be found at http://picasaweb.google.com/cburgess -- the ones from the museum are being posted as I write this.

Afterward I went to Forbidden Planet, a comic/cult TV/Sci Fi/etc store selling DVDs, comics, books, figurines, you name it... it's sort of like Warp One for those back in Edmonton who know it, though seemingly without the prick owner... oh, and prices don't completely suck either, unlike Warp One. A few things I considered buying are indeed cheaper at Amazon UK, and overall I wound up not buying anything.

A quick pitstop at Sainsbury's near Whitechapel tube station before coming back here pretty much completes my outing.

I'll have to see what I want to do tomorrow. I'm thinking of heading east to The Who Shop and Tenth Planet (both similarly-themed stores to Forbidden Planet) for a gawk, but we'll see what happens.



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