Toad in the Hole

I had toad in the hole for dinner last night. I couldn't resist.

I went for dinner at a pub across the street from The Palace theatre, where Spamalot is playing, and while the menu had a whole bunch of yummy-sounding things, I decided that I couldn't resist getting the toad in the hole. It's one of those British dishes you hear the name of and chuckle, but actually it's pretty darn good.

It's a yorkshire pudding (proper style) with mash and veg inside, topped with sausage and gravy. Frankly it needed chips in my opinion, but it was nonetheless pretty good (I had to season it A LOT of course, as is par for the course with many British dishes). I'd have it again to be sure.



Blogger Mama T said...

Dude! chips may have made your heart stop, what with the sausage and gravy. er, wait - you're the guy who drinks KFC gravy, right?

8:34 PM, October 20, 2007  
Blogger chris burgess said...

Absolutely I am. There's nothing wrong with a good gravy shot or seven.

Chips would probably be unnecessary given the yorkshire pudding, but they're served with so much other British stuff, why not this too?

9:16 PM, October 20, 2007  

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