Friday Night Clusterfuck

I got email about 4pm to say the Underworld concert I was planning to attend Friday night was canceled. Nothing other than "severe illness in the band" was cited, and apparently the gig is supposed to be rescheduled. The band's website confirmed the news thankfully, so it wasn't some erroneous spam or something lame, and I guess I'm glad I found out before spending the time going to the venue, but I'm still very disappointed the gig was canceled. Underworld was scheduled to play 3 consecutive nights at The Roundhouse, and I didn't find out about it until maybe 5 weeks or so ago. By the time I found the concert info, only the third of the three nights had any available tickets. I quickly bought one, anticipating the concert, and the first two nights went off without a hitch. But not the third. Sigh.

Anyway, with the concert canceled, I opted to go to the nearest pub for a drink or two instead. I'd not had dinner yet when I made the decision, and by the time I'd started on my second pint of Guinness I was already feeling it. I wound up staying for an hour at a place on Devon's Road (southeast of here) called The Liquor Inn (how original!) and had three pints and a packet of Steak & Onion crisps before calling it a night (it was pretty boring in there, I didn't bother trying to meet anyone, I just sat around watching others play pool) and deciding I'd better get some food in me. I walked up the street to a pizza place and bought some 'za for dinner. It was at best average, but it was reasonably cheap and it hit the spot, so it was good enough.



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