Conspicuously absent

I've not posted anything in a few days simply because very little has been going on. I've not seen any sights this week, and I've really done very little other than the bare necessities for a few days now.

Today, however, I finally got a bank account sorted at Lloyds TSB. They're willing to do an account that gives me a Visa debit card that I can use in shops and online without me yet having a job. That means once the card arrives (presumably in a week as it comes in the post) I can get down to Carphone Warehouse or wherever and get a mobile phone sorted. That gives me the contact number that I'll need to do my job hunting without having to waste money on pay as you go plans (eg. the cheapest phone I saw for pay as you go was £30, plus whatever airtime would cost on top of that). So, one step out of the way to getting back into the regular swing of life.

One plan for this week was to go to BBC Television Centre at Shepherd's Bush and take the tour there, but I'm not sure when I'll actually get around to it. The BBC is selling that studio in an effort to cover a deficit, but it's not scheduled for sale until 2012 or 2013, so there's lots of time to see it yet.

Over here, Friday is the launch day for the Apple iPhone. While I'm definitely not going to buy one (as much as I would like to do s0) because the rate plans are abysmal compared to non-iPhone plans (the cheapest plan for 200 minutes/month and 200 texts/month is £35 versus what I'm looking at for a Nokia N95 - certainly no slouch of a smartphone - where I can get 600 minutes/month and 500 texts/month, plus unlimited weekend minutes, for £30), I'm quite tempted to sally forth to the Apple Store on Regent Street Friday afternoon to check out the hype machine in action. There's no expectation (according to any article I've read from any source) the launch will be as uproarious as the US launch in June, but I fully expect a good number of people to be present to pick up a shiny new toy -- though I'd definitely expect far fewer than were present on Oct 26 for the launch of OS X Leopard.

Perhaps to save a little on tube fare I'll combine the BBC tour with visiting the Apple Store on Friday (each of the BBC Television Centre, the Apple Store and the nearest tube stop for me are on the Central Line, and it's very convenient even if generally very busy) and make a day of it. The only downside is one is expected to pre-book for the BBC tour, and the BBC uses an 0870 phone number for bookings, which is a toll number and I'm not yet sure how much I might have to pay to make the booking from a pay phone. I intend to find out that information between now and tomorrow though, since I'd be ringing them no later than tomorrow for a Friday tour.



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