West Ham United v. Bolton

For something different I thought today I'd check out a Premier League football match and it just so happened West Ham United was playing at home today, and their stadium is but a few tube stops east from me by Upton Park tube station. The match started at 4:00 so I left about 2 so I had time to buy a ticket and find my seat and take in the atmosphere.

Except, despite the WHU website saying match day tickets were available, I was told at the ticket office the match was sold out... therefore I couldn't go. For the sake of adventure (such as it was) I spent about an hour walking down the high street in the neighbourhood (which, as it turned out, was chiefly Indian, Pakistani, etc. markets, food outlets and clothing stores, definitely nothing interesting) before hopping the tube back west.

Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes day, which is a big deal here, and the nearest events for it are at Victoria Park north of here. After getting back to Mile End I figured I'd take a walk up to the park to see where it was and how far it was. I found it alright, and it turned out to be a little better than a 20-minute walk from where I'm staying to the park. The bonfire and such get underway around 7:30 tomorrow so at least I know how far in advance to make my way up there.

I've got the podcast to record in a few hours but other than that I think I'll just take it easy. One day soon I'll go and set up a bank account, so long as something said to me by a rep of Lloyds TSB was correct in that their basic account allows me to get a debit card (as opposed to an ATM-only card, which is silly but nonetheless a big difference here) so that I can get some other stuff sorted such as a phone (an O2 rep told me a debit card was sufficient to get a monthly contract set up, meaning no wasting funds on pay as you go for the first while). Also, before tourist time ends for me, I've decided to head west and take the tour of BBC Television Centre. I'm quite looking forward to that one.



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