...and speaking of reality TV...

I hate reality TV. I hate it mostly because it's not reality. It's scripted at worst and loose or heightened reality at best. In the previous post I mention the show "Any Dream Will Do" and how I actually watched a few episodes. In that case it was because I had an interest in the subject matter.

That show, along with its predecessor whose purpose was to cast Maria in a revival of The Sound of Music, was presented by seemingly omnipresent presenter Graham Norton. Well, based on the success of those shows, another of that same ilk is coming to UK TV screens early in 2008. Titled "The One and Only..." it features people dressing up as famous singers and performing those singers' songs. It's quite like "Stars in Their Eyes" for anyone familiar with that, at least that's how it sounds.

To me the show sounds absolutely terrible and not worth watching in the least. I hate "Pop Idol"/"American Idol"/"Canadian Idol"/"X-Factor" as it's at best second-rate karaoke. This new show is going to be that, but in full costume. It's going to be just horrible, I know it.

Nevertheless the other day I found some web sites that offer tickets to be in the audience of various shows. You sign up, you say which shows you want to see (in other words, you apply for everything, which is what I did) and they contact you if you've been selected to receive tickets for any of the shows. So, of course I was phoned and told that I was being offered 4 tickets to the taping of (I think) the first episode of "The One and Only..." - one of the shows I really didn't care to see.

I've not yet decided if I'll go to the taping on January 9th, and if I can't find anyone else to go with I most likely will skip it, but nevertheless I have tickets to go. They of course overbook these things to try to ensure a full audience, so even if I show up I'm not guaranteed a seat unless I'm early enough in the queue, and that quite makes me less willing to go. Still, it's something I've never done before, and it's being taped at the BBC Television Centre, so it's a wonderful excuse to go see the place where so much great TV has been recorded, especially before the building is sold (as is planned in 2013 or so).

Time will tell if I go, and if some of the people I know back home (I'll not name names, you know who you are since you've heard me grumble when you've talked about one of those karaoke shows) were here with me they'd snap up the chance to go... although that's no incentive for me to go.



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