On the grid again

As mentioned previously, I got my bank card in the post the other day and I've been waiting for it so I can get a phone sorted. I did some research the other week and came up with some possible options to consider, but spent a great deal of time the past two days researching every possible option available to me and I finally made a decision.

Earlier today I took the tube over to nearby (I say nearby but it's a 35-minute walk as I found out the first time I went there!) Stratford Centre where multiple retail phone shops are located. The place was a bloody zoo (as can be expected so close to Christmas) and market stalls all along the inside seriously impeded traffic flow (though the slow punters contributed too), but after wading through some crowds and talking to some shop assistants to formalize things I'd read online, I finally got a phone.

I won't bother to get into details about the handset other than to say it works and it lets me communicate with people... so I'm back on the grid as the saying goes.

For those who wish to call me, please do bear in mind the 5-8 hour time difference depending upon where in Canada those who wish to reach me are located, so no calling in the middle of the night and please try to keep it before 11PM. Also bear in mind you have to call internationally, so do check your rates before you pick up the phone to dial as it's quite probable you'll pay through the bloody nose to ring me. Even Skype, which I expected to have reasonable rates, charges $0.295/minute (plus $0.059 for a connection fee) to call UK mobile phones. Compare that to $0.024 to call a landline and it's a wonder they can get away with that sort of flimflammery. Also don't forget the international calling prefix for Canada, 011, and the country code for the UK, 44.

My mobile number for now -- THIS NUMBER MAY CHANGE AND IF IT DOES I WILL POST HERE TO LIST THE REPLACEMENT NUMBER -- is 07956 578 649. Remember to drop the leading zero.

So, long story short, to ring me on my mobile, it's 011447956578649 to do so. Got that memorized yet? There WILL be a test later... and no peeking here!

I've been playing with the stupid phone all day loading music and pictures onto it, learning some ins and outs of usage and so on. I still hate phones. Perhaps more than ever now that they do far, far more than any sane person needs them to do.



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