Meeting new people

The other day I was perusing the googles for big & tall clothing stores around these parts as I'm wanting to buy an overcoat for the winter so I can stay warm and have something to wear overtop a blazer in case whatever job I take requires I wear such a thing. In my stumblings I came across a tall persons club in Great Britain which has a monthly pub night in London the last Friday of each month. This month that happens to be tomorrow (also Halloween, an unfortunate happenstance) and after emailing the group to make sure it's kosher that I show up without first becoming a member I've decided I'll make the journey out to meet these folks tomorrow. One can never know enough people, and as creepy as it might be to be amongst a smattering of quite tall folks, I've decided to see what this is all about.

If this was being posted more than about 20 hours ahead of me going to this meetup I'd open a betting pool to see where in the height hierarchy I'll fit. I did note that one person on the executive committee claimed to be 6'10" so I'll definitely be given some competition for the position of tallest attendee.



Blogger Jabberwocky said...

Yeah, like you need another reason to go to a pub.

11:40 AM, November 08, 2008  
Blogger chris burgess said...

For what it's worth I was the tallest person there, though not by much. 3-4 others were within about an inch of me.

10:21 PM, November 08, 2008  

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