Playstation 3

Today was the North American release for the Playstation 3. My opinion can be summed up in two words: who cares?

$660 for a bare unit that can't even display HD signals properly? That doesn't even come with an HDMI cable despite this being the hardware that's supposed to ignite the HD revolution? Pretty sad in my opinion. Granted, the Wii won't go beyond 480p, but it's not promising to do anything it can't. (I've not formally heard whether or not the Wii will ship with a component cable, but I certainly hope it does. I know prerelease review units did not.)

I'm not even going to bother with links to any of the myriad of stupid people stories out there relative to the PS3 launch. Suffice it to say if you stood in line and got a PS3 then congratulations, and please don't be one of those folks who flips it on eBay.

The one possible positive in all this is the PS3 does represent the cheapest means of obtaining a Blu-Ray player, even after considering the cost for an HDMI cable.

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