Factory Girl

I went to see Factory Girl tonight with Fleming. I honestly wasn't looking forward to the movie, if for no other reason than I didn't have any interest in the subject matter. Nonetheless, I've not seen Rob for a bit and it was nice to catch up and see a flick.

As a character sketch of Edie Sedgwick it seemed an alright film, despite the notation on Wikipedia about the events and story being fictionalized (I would use the word "heightened" or perhaps even "exaggerated" rather than "fictionalized" based on the alleged facts in that article). However, while the film worked on that level, because I didn't care about the subject matter I can't say I liked the film as I didn't enjoy it greatly. The acting was quite good though, I will certainly give it praise for that. I did find it interesting that the three leading actors, all portraying Americans, were from outside the US (Sienna Miller essentially being from England, Guy Pearce essentially being from Australia and Hayden Christensen from Canada).



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