3-0 Sens, woot!

Tonight the Sens showed they could control a hockey game with the best of them, limiting Buffalo (who led the league in goals during the regular season, with Ottawa being a close second, and had not been shut out in about a year) to 15 shots and no goals in a convincing (though tense!) victory en route to taking a stranglehold on the Eastern Conference final, all but assuring their presence in the Stanley Cup finals beginning next week. This is the deepest Ottawa has reached since scrambling to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Eastern Conference final in 2003 to force a game 7, only to lose to the eventual Cup winners, New Jersey. This is the first time Ottawa has led a series 2-0, let alone 3-0 and nothing comes close for the team to this accomplishment in the modern era of the NHL, though the city of Ottawa has enjoyed 10 Stanley Cups in a quarter-century span in the early years of professional hockey. Game 4, possibly the deciding game, goes Wednesday night and I know my eyes will be glued to the TV.

On another note, I swung by Absolute Power last night to hang out with Shaun for a bit and play some Company of Heroes (which is an alright game, though much like any other RTS out there) before going to the casino. I played for about 4 1/2 hours, and cashed out when Shaun decided he was too tired to go on. I wound up down a fair amount, dropping $154 on the night. That puts me back in the red for poker winnings at $136 to the bad. Time will tell if I head back to the casino (if I say that enough times maybe it'll happen) but I'm definitely disinclined to do so any time soon. I've certainly done worse in the past, but I've also done much better.

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