2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived, the start of the NHL playoffs. There were some surprise teams making the cut (most notably the New York Islanders) and we're no doubt in store for some fantastic games.

Already we've seen an overtime battle between San Jose and Nashville, with the Sharks prevailing after giving up a 2-goal lead late in the 3rd period and losing their highest scorer, Jonathan Cheechoo.

Ottawa won its game quite easily, dominating the Penguins in game one of their series, leading by as many as 5 goals before the game finished at 6-3 for the Senators. While I always fear for the Sens in the playoffs, they've got a good start under their belts to be sure.

As I type this, Dallas and Vancouver are still deadlocked, a little past the halfway mark in the 2nd overtime frame. I'm really pulling for the Canucks, if only because I want all the Canadian teams to advance as far as they can. So, while I generally wouldn't cheer for the Canucks or Flames, I'll be doing so for as long as they can stick around.

I can't wait to see how things unfold.



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