This year, for a change, I attended multiple Easter dinners. One was last night at my Dad's place, after we got back from curling, where we had lamb. It was fun as usual, and we all got a bit tipsy at dinner and had some rather silly conversations (much thanks to Janita for starting the thread on flipper babies). The other was earlier today at Rob's place where his girlfriend made a huge feast of turkey, ham, all the fixings, and more. Attendees were Gail's sister and her husband, Hayden (and their son), with whom I worked for a couple years at Safeway and who hosted a poker tourney I attended last fall; Gail's mother; Rob's friend Ed; Rob, Gail and myself. There can sometimes be strife when Gail's family gets together but things were mostly okay today, thankfully. So, I gorged myself more than once this holiday. That's probably a bad thing in the long run, but it is what it is.



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