Housekeeping note

It appears, and I never knew this until today (because I never thought to look), Facebook allows the importing of blogs to your profile. Specifically, it allows for RSS feeds to be displayed in a person's "Notes" section. As a result of learning this information from my sister today, I've set up an RSS feed on my Facebook profile of this blog. If anyone who isn't aware wants to be, the address for this blog (which isn't shown on the RSS feed) is http://dubbayoo.blogspot.com -- the address where you can see nice formatting and such instead of what Facebook (or other RSS readers, in my experience) displays. So far the only glitch is that it's imported only 25 items -- and it's done so twice. That means I've got 50 "notes" from my blog, which are the most recent 25 posts, repeated. How annoying. But, overall, I like the idea.



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