Yep, the casino...

Shaun wanted to go back to the casino tonight. I didn't want to go, but I didn't really put up a fight either. It took only a short time (half an hour, maybe 45 minutes) for my first rack to be whittled down to less than half. Thankfully I took a decent pot not long after that, hitting top pair on the flop with my Queen in the hole (this after getting run down with pocket Queens the hand before, by someone with K-4 offsuit, out of the blinds, with the pot being capped preflop). That took me back over my buy-in amount and I didn't look back.

Before long the game we were at got broken. Shaun moved to 1-2 NL while I moved to the main 3-6 game. The second hand in I chopped a pot and made a few bucks, then two or three hands later I rivered the nut flush to take down a massive ($250ish) pot. At my peak I was up over $160 in winnings, but I kept playing while Shaun sat at the 1-2 NL table. Eventually I got whittled down a fair bit, taking only one meager pot, before I stopped at $159, or up $59.

So, I cashed out, paid Shaun the $100 I borrowed from him last outing, and pocketed the $59 difference. Between what I kicked in to get my previous winnings amount to $200 (which I lost last outing) and the $27 I spent last week at the "freeroll" tournament, I'm now back in the black for poker winnings. I'm up $6. Whee!



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