Round three.... fight!

Another jaunt to River Cree last night made for a happy Chris, at least mostly.

Shaun wanted another kick at the cat, so we went back for another session at the poker room. We arrived a little after 1am and had to wait for seats, so we ventured onto the floor so Shaun could play some craps. Before long our names were called and while he played more craps I headed to the poker room to buy my chips and take my seat.

Altogether we played for about 4 hours, from about 1:20 to 5:20. Shaun and I swapped positions from last time, with him finishing down about $70 on the night (and going deep into his third rack before making a comeback) and me finishing up on the night. I bought my one rack and never had to rebuy, topping out about $225 (thanks to a sweet kill pot where my rivered flush punted about 3 or 4 straights) before giving some back and finishing at $174. For those keeping score, that's a buck more earned than I lost last session, so that puts me up $10 for the past week. It's better than being down I guess, but not as nice as being up over a couple hundred like Shaun.

Shaun's girlfriend had her doctor's appointment this morning regarding her out of whack back so that appointment will no doubt determine how much more we go to the poker room. I hope she's doing okay.

So, for the new grand total of my poker winnings since I started keeping track last summer when I was going to Palace (no link here due to the strike action, see the sidebar for the worker's support page) a fair bit: $287. That amount represents my kitty (not counting the winnings I have sitting in Tiger Gaming's online room which are currently around $77 USD) for my poker play. Once that amount is gone, if it vanishes, then that's it for me and going to the casino to play poker.

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