...and then there was less

Rob wanted to go to River Cree last night as today is his birthday (happy b-day) so I obliged, seeing as how it's been like a second home for the past week.

I got off to an OK start taking an early pot, and early on I even turned on the kill, but it was pretty much downhill after that. We were there a little over 3 hours by which point I had blown through two racks after facing some tough losses (pocket kings run over twice, flop the nut straight only to be run over by a flush, etc.). Rob, on the other hand, fared better when he began a good roll by flopping quad kings when he went up against someone with aces. It was a beautiful flop, and had an ace hit the board the table would have enjoyed sharing in the bad beat jackpot of over $14,000, but alas no ace came. Overall he finished up over $260. Naturally, I made him buy breakfast.

Alas, in my estimation he tainted pocket kings as he enjoyed his success with that hand before I had them twice. Then again, Shaun had pocket kings run over the night before when he flopped a set only to be outdrawn at the river by someone hitting a straight, and I ran someone else's kings down with pocket 4s that same night when I turned a set.

At any rate, it was a big hit to my poker kitty. I'll be cashing out from Tiger Gaming soon, throwing the remainder of the kitty together with the Tiger proceeds and having one last do-or-die casino session. We'll see what the new number happens to be when all is said and done with the intermediary fees and such.



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