4 weeks

Sometime right about now, a bit after 2:00 a.m. on March 14, is the 4-week anniversary of my last cigarette. I've behaved myself very well, not smoking in about a month now. I rarely got cravings when I smoked, but nowadays I'm not getting any at all.

I've done some silly stuff (as previously noted) since quitting, like hang out in smoking rooms at the casino, and I did it again in the smoking room at the Camrose Legion when I was there this past weekend for the semi-annual JP/Camrose Legion tourney (I wound up 6 and 4 at the tourney for what it's worth, with 2 losses by skunk, 2 wins by skunk and one double skunk victory). Still, a bit of second hand smoke won't be too bad, right?

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