This past weekend I attended the Ford World Men's Curling championships here in Edmonton. Overall it was a fun event full of wonderful curling and not-so-wonderful curling alike. I bought tickets for the event for my Dad for Christmas so he and I went to most of the draws I attended. One of them was Thursday afternoon and I went with my aunt as Dad was out of town during the day. When I bought the tickets I worried that the best games (read: the playoffs) may not feature Canada. While Canada is a curling powerhouse, there's never any guarantee the Canadian team will go the distance. Thankfully, the Glenn Howard rink not only dominated the round robin but also annihilated its playoff competition.

A shot of Howard delivering an open hit for 3 to seal the win:

A shot of the aftermath:

So, while the event was fun and I had a good time, the seating at Rexall Place is horrible. I don't recall having so much difficulty in those seats before, but let me tell ya they are NOT designed for people nearly seven feet tall. I could manage sitting for about 2 ends on average before needing to get up and walk around to get circulation going again in my legs. If I was lucky I could sit for 3 ends. Saturday, for the bronze medal game, the people who normally sat to our right were absent so I sat in their seats and could spread out a bit since I was on the aisle. I had hoped (against all odds) they'd also be absent Sunday but they were not.

So, would I go again? I think I would so long as I could call Ticketmaster or whoever is handling ticket sales and talk to someone to make sure I have sufficient leg room. It's far too painful otherwise. My knees were literally sore every night after attending draws. Advil for the win!



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