This is a stupid idea...

The title of this post are the first words I said to my friend Rob when I got in his car last night. After a long day out watching curling, I got home after a late supper with my dad only to have Rob say he was going to the casino and he wondered if I wanted to join him. Absolutely I did not, since I'd said I'm not going there any more.

So, of course I went.

What made me decide to actually go is that he said he was going to buy in with $50 (he didn't, he bought in with more) and play only that stack. If he won, he won. If he lost, he lost. Moreover, he said he wanted to go for no more than a couple hours. Given I was tired, it was late, and I didn't know how long I might be able to stay focused at the poker table, the short trip sounded appealing.

I lost a few bucks chasing on the first hand I was dealt, but not long afterward I had a powerful 5-2 offsuit in the small blind. I threw a couple more bucks in the pot when nobody raised preflop and the flop came 5 7 Q. A 2 on the turn made me bet out, and two of the other three people in the pot folded. Another 7 hit the river, counterfeiting my ducks, but my 5 was still good against the last player. So, I got back over my buyin there. A little later after someone made a joke about tilting and getting dealt aces, I picked up red aces. I was in 4th position, under the gun raised to 6, I reraise to 9, someone caps it at 12 (I forget who), and by the end of the hand the highest card on the board is a Jack and nobody can beat my aces. I took that pot, and one more later on with A J suited when it was heads up and both myself and the other player totally missed (we both had Ace high, my kicker played).

When all was said and done, and Rob lost his money and we decided to leave, I cashed out up $31. It wasn't much for winnings, but it was better than losing money. So that brings the winnings kitty to $37.

I still intend to not go back, but we'll see how things go.



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