Weekend Update

This past weekend saw one of the twice-yearly Doctor Who gatherings take place for us Who nuts. The usual gang was there for the most part -- Jean-Paul, Gary, David and myself -- but we had a couple changes. Mike S. joined us for lunch but bailed on the viewing segment after he was unable to find Gary's place, and Mike A. had to work so he couldn't attend. We had a pseudo-celebrity guest in the form of I Am Steven, one of the cohosts of Radio Free Skaro, a weekly-ish Doctor Who Podcast. We sat around, we talked Who, we dissected the episodes, we basically geeked out all day, and it was fun.

The sole downside (and I did ask Jean-Paul to remind me to rant about this) was that Gary was looking for a new TV to celebrate a new job, and to splash out a bit for the Who shindig, but the one he wanted to buy could not be found in stock. One of the alternates I'd noted to him was available and in stock, but was on sale until a few days before he had time to shop, and when we swung by Best Buy to see if he could still get it at the sale price, the sales clerk said no dice. I've had horrible luck with Best Buy coming down in price for TVs and this time was no different. Obviously customer satisfaction is not high on their list of priorities. So, Gary and the rest of us left the store without a shiny new toy, and Gary's hunt for a new TV shall continue. (The worst part was the sale price wasn't really that much lower than the regular price - how chintzy!)

And the weirdest part of the day... Jean-Paul and I swung by Superstore to grab some wine for the afternoon and we came across the strangest combination either of us could imagine, a Shiraz-Viognier mix. We both dig the Shiraz. We both dig the Viognier (him more than me, but I still like it). The mixture of the two seemed so improbable, we were speechless. Literally speechless. Needless to say we bought it. I rather enjoyed it and might have to buy it again one day. I can't remember the vineyard from whence it came, but frankly I can't imagine many places doing this mixture, so if I do come across it again it's fairly likely it'd be the same product as I had yesterday.

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