A long night

So I went to that home game tonight, and while there were 17 or so people last time (which I guess was September, at least according to one of the organizers, as I couldn't recall exactly) only 9 happened to show up tonight. As a result, the payouts were smaller, so to slightly compensate, the buy-ins were raised a bit (from $20 to $22). It took a blind level or two to get going but I got the chip lead reasonably early thanks to one hand where I turned the nut straight and had someone who turned two pair raise me all-in. I won some more decent pots here and there and had a rather nice lead until I was dealt Ace-King (my black cat hand to be sure) and someone with pocket 5s raised all-in. As much as I despise AK I called and I didn't hit a thing. I doubled him up and he began to rush... and rush for a while. Before long I'd lost my chip lead to him and I was skidding downhill uncontrollably, bleeding chips all over the place. A bit of back and forth and I managed to pull out 3rd place and get paid. I made all of $3 for my efforts, but at least it wasn't a loss. That person who beat me in the AK coin flip did eventually win it all, and Rob came in 2nd.

The last time we played there, I finished 2nd, Rob finished 3rd and James (the winner tonight) placed 4th. The winner from last time wasn't present this evening, so I'm really not surprised the same three people finished at the top. I would say the three of us are the strongest players there and it showed, twice. We did have one complete newbie at the table, someone who'd never played before at all, and he caught on fairly well with the play and betting structures and he finished 5th overall. Congrats to him on performing well his first time out.

After all was said and done, I called Shaun to see if he wanted to grab a bite to eat since Rob and I were in his neck of the woods (which doesn't happen often) but nothing panned out there so Rob and I bombed around town and visited the two casinos I'd never been to. The first was Century, on Fort Road, and although it's a nice looking place it was very dead (and small!). I expect it being 1am on a Sunday night/Monday morning was a factor... but the poker room was very quiet. They only had 6 tables set up, of which two were in use (one for 3/6, the other for 1/2 NL). Oddly enough the poker room doesn't operate 24/7, so that place is definitely out for those late-night outings.

After Century we visited Yellowhead casino. Yellowhead has the biggest poker room in town, and has been featured in CPT tournaments and TV broadcasts. They had 15 tables set up, although only 5 were in use. Shortly after we arrived they broke the sole 3/6 table but there were still three 1/2 NL tables and a 5/10 PL table. I wouldn't have minded sitting down at 3/6 with a rack, but there was of course no game to join. We didn't stay for long and soon left.

Rob called home and found out his girlfriend wanted something from McDonald's, so that begain about an hour's quest of finding a place that was open and had what was needed. After driving by several obviously-closed places we found an open McDonald's only to be told they didn't have any ice cream (a chocolate milkshake was the desired object). Eventually we found an open A&W and fulfilled all goals. Now I'm quite wiped.

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