Canary Wharf

I was out and about late this evening for a walk since it was just beautiful out there (+12 and a very light breeze, not bad for Dec 27!) and after going for a bit I figured I'd go a bit further and wound up walking down to the Isle of Dogs to the Canary Wharf area. It's basically a commercial area, so one is mostly going to see shops and office buildings, but the three largest buildings in London happen to be there - all side by side - and they're quite a sight to behold, especially up close.

One Canada Square, aka Torchwood Tower for those in the know, is (for now) the tallest building in London, it's the one with the domed roof which has appeared in many pictures I've posted. The other two tall ones are the HSBC Tower and Citigroup Centre, and of course they're more obvious due to the corporate logos near the top of the buildings.

There was also a skating rink near One Canada Square which had a couple dozen people on it when I was there just before 11:00pm - and it must be said people here really don't know how to skate! I can't skate to save my life of course, so I'm not judging. There were also some Canada Tourism-type banners and sponsorship signs at the rink, which seemed so out of place yet welcome and familiar (not to mention it was the first time I'd seen an advertisement for a website using the .travel top level domain).

After wandering around a bit and testing out the (mediocre and far inferior when compared to my standalone unit) camera on my cell phone I meandered back to call it a night. I plan to get back to Canary Wharf during the daytime when there's some more hustle and bustle and give it a proper visit.



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