More travels, more theatre

Another day out with Mr. Fleming meant a bunch more sights seen. We began the day at Parliament and walked around the grounds for a bit and around Westminster Abbey before heading across the river to the south bank by the London Eye. Since neither of us had been on the Eye we figured what the heck and bought tickets for a 'flight' as they call it. The view is indeed spectacular though because I'd already made the climb atop St Paul's Cathedral, it's something I'd already seen. I'm not convinced the money spent on the 'flight' was worth it for me, but it's nonetheless cool to see London from that high up.

After a crappy dinner at a nearby Chinese Food buffet place we ambulated over to Trafalgar Square and on to Leicester Square as he'd wanted to go to the theatre and we found cheap tickets via the TKTS booth at Leicester Square (made cheaper yet by coupons I had) for a play called "Angry Young Man." We wandered around the Leicester Square area and went back down to Trafalgar Square by the Nelson monument and Canada House before going into the National Gallery for a bit to kill time before the play. After gawking at some paintings we swung by a nearby Tesco to grab some pop and then proceeded to the theatre, which was about a block south of Trafalgar Square.

The play was rather interesting and quite fun, a story about a Russian surgeon who has come to London to work, except he'd been laid off before arriving. He meets a ne'er-do-well socialite at Hyde Park and gets caught up in a whirlwind of events leading to death and intrigue. Except it's a comedy.

The venue was quite small -- perhaps 110-120 seats -- and the performance was undertaken by 4 men all swapping in and out of the role as the immigrant. It was frantic and enjoyable. Russel had mentioned reading a review of the play (we did some quick Googling earlier in the day) that made him think the play was like something one might see at the Fringe back home, and indeed his assessment was correct. It was a very intimate, close-quarters venue with younger, not-too-seasoned (but quite capable) actors and was very much like something one would expect to see in Edmonton come late August. It was only an hour long but a good time was had by all.

Pictures from today will soon be up at the secondary URL.



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