Going Back

It's shortly past 6:30am as I type this, and it's certainly not good that I'm up at 6:30am (not that it can be good) but for some reason I can't sleep. As a result of the insomnia I figured I might as well fire off a blog post to let those who read this know I'm coming back to Edmonton for Christmas.

I certainly had not planned to head back for the holidays however the opportunity to do so presented itself and I wasn't sure if it would. I thought since I could do it that I ought to do it, a philosophy I employ far more often than is always practical.

I've not really told any more than two people about this, other than family, but in the next month and a bit before I head back I'll try to get a hold of a larger number of people in order to make some plans. Needless to say my time around Christmas is to be occupied with family events, but I've this far not come up with plans for New Year's Eve.

I'll be coming back on December 20 and departing for London on January 8. I'll be in touch with people soonish.


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