Marathon Results

While not as lofty a goal as others I know had set, I made it through today's plan of watching a marathon of Doctor Who stories. My intention was to catch up on the backlogged Doctor Who DVDs sitting on the bookshelf. That entailed going through Web Planet, Hand of Fear and Mark of the Rani, and I survived to tell the tale considering I was not looking forward to two of the three. (Only Hand of Fear was a desirable story to me.) The DVDs took a while considering each had around an hour (or more) of bonus features... not counting the commentaries (to which I didn't listen)... those really add to the time.

Not only did I get through those, during Hand of Fear I had the uncontrollable urge to rewatch School Reunion... so after I finished with Sarah Jane's departure, I had to go back and watch her reappearance from Tennant's tenure. (That's almost rhythmic... I feel like I should be saying "Allons-y, Alonso" here.)

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