Another trip to the casino, another loss. This time it wasn't so bad as I only dropped $15 after about 3 hours of play... and I only stopped because my table was getting broken and there were no seats at the other table. I was up a fair chunk after my first hand came through and I rivered a flush and I immediately turned to Rob and said we should stop because I was up. Shaun was there as well and he was up over $400 after his first hand when his pocket queens held up and he too came over and said it was time to stop. Of course, none of us did... in the end, Rob was down almost $40, I was down $15, and Shaun played for a while longer and finished $1100 to the good after sucking out big time in one hand where he made about $400 or $500. Rob took off, Shaun and I went for breakfast, and now there's talk of going back later today for a Noon tournament.

Running total: $151 to the bad. And I forgot, AGAIN, to grab a copy of the May poker room schedule.



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