The Sens and the Finals

Ottawa lost its grip ever so slightly against the Sabres before Captain Alfie popped in the winner during the first overtime period to send the Sens to the cup finals for the first time in the team's modern era.

I for one can't wait for the finals to begin. I'm not even really bothered who wins between Detroit and Anaheim, though I have a feeling the Ducks would be the easier opponent for Ottawa. However, having the Sens play the Wings means a nice, consistent time for games starting, which might make things easier on the Sens so they're not shifting time zones and having to readjust. Given the way the NHL schedule is now drawn up, teams in the East so rarely have to deal with alternate time zones that it might just be enough of a shock to have to play games 3 times zones away from what they're used to. On the flip side, despite being in the eastern time zone, Detroit as a western team is used to shifting around so maybe they could get slightly thrown off by this consistency... hmm...

Nevertheless, there's at least a week gap between Sens games, which is going to be tough to take, but it means they'll be well-rested for game one of the Cup finals... I just hope they're not TOO rested, if you know what I mean.



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