Still here...

I've not posted much lately, but then I've not had much to post. I've not been going to the casino (though I did go to a home game a week ago and finished out of the money, 6th of 25; the top 2 wound up getting paid), and aside from Saturday, I've not been keen to write about hockey. So, this is just a quick late-night-can't-sleep post to say that yep, I'm still here. Crib is this coming Thursday after an extra week's gap... I came in fourth last time so I got paid for the first time in ages there, and hopefully I'll fare better yet as it's the second-last event before the summer break.

I might be glad when the Stanley Cup finals are over though... I've been consuming WAY too much beer as of late (even on non-game days). Except then we're into the summer beer-drinking season, so who knows.

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