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I've added a random quote from quotedb.com on the sidebar. Refresh the page to get a new quote.

Today, I also joined Facebook, another of those blasted social networking sites. I expect to let it fizzle like I did my setup on Orkut, but we'll see.

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One of the Sens games I've been waiting all season for has just wrapped up, with the Sens winning of course. The sole meeting of the Oilers and Senators this season occurred in Ottawa with Mike Comrie, fittingly an ex-Oiler, icing the game in the shootout. The game was quite decent, at least it seemed that way despite the sketchy NHL Radio broadcast (Windows Media support on the Mac is terrible, even with Flip4Mac).

So, to all the Oiler fans with which I cohabitate this berg we call Edmonton, neener-neener.

Of course it's far less fun to listen to the game on the net as opposed to going to the Oilers/Sens game here in Edmonton last winter where I got to razz the Oiler fans in person. While wearing my lovely Sens jersey. Rubbing it in. Pissing them off. Oh, the memories.

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More secrets

Tonight's Smallville was one of those rare enjoyable episodes. Most of it was pretty lax but the pseudo-confrontation of Clark by Lana about his powers and the is-she-or-isn't-she situation with Chloe were both done pretty darn well. High point: the exchange between Chloe and Clark leading up to the heat-vision use. Low point: more secrets between Lana and Lex; things were going so well earlier in the season with Lana turning bad and Lex sharing dirt and secrets with her. What happened to that? As well, Lex breaking the fourth wall at the very end didn't sit well with me.

Overall, well done writers. It was mostly filler, but the good bits were very good.



Poker Fun

Just played 4 poker tournaments on Full Tilt... I won one (7 Stud High) and cashed in the other three (all Holdem, the best finish being 3rd of 90). Whee!

All the meanwhile I've got Oasis and Norah Jones playing in the headset while I yap on TeamSpeak with Shaun while his girlfriend Tami laughs it up, stoned out of her tree on pain meds for her back. Whee!

Edit: Tami's reply was "I don't have a tree!"

Ah, drugs.

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For the love of...

I knew about it since about a month after I bought my MacBook Pro, but until tonight I never bothered to install SmackBook. Holy cow but if this isn't the most useless but THE MOST FUN thing to use. I really hope there's a way to get this going under Leopard if you're running Spaces.