Post 100 - Doctor Who Books

As a sign of my nerd-dom, for my 100th post here I am posting pictures of my collection of Doctor Who books, mainly because it seemed like a good reason for a hundredth post... plus today I gave them all away pending my move. I'm going to miss these dead trees.

(As always, click an image for a larger version.)

The collection as a whole.

The First Doctor

The Second Doctor

The Third Doctor

The Fourth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor. Resurrection of the Daleks was never published.

The Sixth Doctor... note the absence of Mysterious Planet and Mindwarp. I thought I had each of those but apparently not. Revelation of the Daleks was never published.

The Seventh Doctor. Note the absence of Remembrance of the Daleks. I thought I had it but apparently not.

New & Missing Adventures

Miscellaneous titles.

Anyone who knows anything about Doctor Who books will notice the collection is far from complete. Apart from the missing titles noted above, I stopped buying New Adventures after a few years and completely missed out on the titles published by the BBC itself, among numerous other releases over the years. Also missing are the hardcover books I had. The pictures are how they are (with all the overlap) on purpose in case I ever decide to try stitching them together.

Whew, that's a lot of books.

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Social Wallpapering

Think reddit or Digg meets wallpaper. Web 2.0 has come to the desktop, in a literal sense. Vote wallpapers up or down, share, post, etc. Very cool stuff there to say the least. Social Wallpapering, who woulda thunk it.



Radio Free Skaro

Last night I had the opportunity to join the discussion on the latest episode of Radio Free Skaro, a podcast about Doctor Who (my favourite show as a kid). Unfortunately the content was a fan commentary for Evolution of the Daleks, one of the weaker episodes of the latest series, but it was still a hoot. I must admit I'm surprised I made it through three viewings of that episode over the past two days (one for taking notes, one for the recording, one for the playback), something I didn't think I could manage considering how terrible it is. The upshot is things only get better from that point for the series so subsequent podcasts will be even more fun.

Of course, everyone says "I don't sound like that!" when they hear a recording of their own voice, and I'm no exception. I couldn't believe that's what I sound like, and even went so far as to ask a couple friends if that was really how I sounded. Apparently it is, although I still choose to disbelieve them. Nevertheless once I make adjustments like not having the headset mic so close I may sound more like I think I do. Or something.

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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

The paperwork has come through, I've told everyone I can reach (either in person or via email), and it's time to announce here that as of October 11 I'll no longer be in Canada. I'm moving to London, England as of then to try life over there.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye...

Watch this space as I'll be posting details about the move, pictures, and so on as things progress. What an exciting time!




So close to the best starting hand for Omaha... well, Omaha high anyway. Too bad that tournament was H/L split, but at least I won it. Whee. Still, I've never had the best starting hand (pocket aces & kings double-suited). The hand after I had AAA in the hole. What a waste of an ace.



Guitar Hero is still king

It seems the followup to Guitar Hero just isn't selling as well as initially hoped. That's really too bad since some of the now-scrapped sequels might have been interesting.