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I guess I'm nearing 100 posts, which I find surprising given the amount of neglect this blog sees. As it stands it's been nearly a month since I last posted. The really sad part is not much has gone on in that time. I've been to a few movies (Ratatouille, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, etc.), watched a bunch of movies at home, played some poker (tonight I played a home game where I finished out of the money in a $25 tourney but chopped the prize pool with Rob in a $10, 6-player tourney afterward, so I'm down $5 for the night; last week when GST Credit cheques came out I went with Rob to River Cree and proceeded to lose a rack there, so I'm not faring so well at making money from poker as of late), and so on.

There are always things on the backburner (as anyone who's looked at my Facebook status over the past weeks may be aware), but that's really it for what's going on these days.

Oh, and the strike at Palace Casino was settled about a week ago, I guess that means it's time to remove the little banner supporting the striking workers.

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